NOW scheme

When you’ve used the NOW scheme of the Dutch government you are required to request a final calculation.

NOW control

Auditor’s report NOW scheme

When you’ve received a compensation from the NOW, it is required to request a final calculation. There are a number of scenarios in which it is necessary to enclose an auditor’s report in support of the calculation. We can determine whether this is applicable to you. Should it emerge that it’s necessary to enclose a report, we will start the NOW audit for you. In this process we will check whether the NOW that has been granted is justified. We will also check whether the definitive figures provided by your organisation are correct (and, if necessary, if they have been provided correctly). In doing so, we will apply the protocol drawn up by the Royal Netherlands Institute of Chartered Accountants (NBA). We will use this to determine whether the NOW funds have been spent in the correct way. We take care of this by linking you to experienced professionals, who mainly perform the work independently. One contact person who is directly accessible.    
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